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Monday, 15 August 2011

Thank You Mr.Death

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Death has a very charming way of being the most familiar guest in the living kingdom but the one who is most snubbed. But as a story once made famous, 'death is the only force that acts equal to all'. It is nature's little reminder that no matter how advanced we think we are, she still has a trump card under her sleeve.

The way death knocks at the door when least expected and refuses to leave alone is what makes it an unforgivable enemy. We all know for certain that death will hunt us down one day or the other, but still refuse to make the available time worthwhile. We neglect how fortunate we are to even be born as humans and be the only species capable of thoroughly enjoying nature. Instead we continue to cling on to our ego, hatred and greed.  We are not ready to make these few years in the beautiful home we call earth, as a happy stay.

Sure there is a lot of suffering and poverty in the world. But, wouldn't most of our problems be solved if we all just had a little more understanding and let go of our personal greed? Do we need to have death looming over the shoulder to realize how fortunate we are to be living?

Quite frankly, thats the best part about death. It serves as a constant reminder to try and keep people sane. It is the inevitable destination that everyone aboard the train called life is heading to. So while you are on the trip, you might as well be helpful and happy with your fellow passengers.

But putting all that aside, what really makes death stand-out from the crowd is the mystery surrounding it. The irony that you have to experience to know but can't tell once you experience it, ensures that nobody will and nobody should know. And if we really did know better about death, then it would certainly lead to a grave imbalance of society and everything in it. We wouldn't have anything to fear, wouldn't have anything to control and correct us. It would lead to the ultimate extinction of everything pure and noble. In a way, it is death itself or the fear of it, which keeps us grounded and prevents us from wrecking life completely.

So Mr.Death, thank you for being there, but you are still not welcome home.