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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Can HP make it in the tablets world?

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This is a common sense question that applies to any manufacturer, because for the time being Apple’s iPad 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 seem to reign supreme. With the battle between the two giants being more intense than ever, HP tries to conquer the market with its very own Touch Pad. The intention to compete with the best is obvious if you take a look at the technical features sported by this new tablet and the price. They’ve promised to have it on stores by July the 1st and they kept their word, but somehow the public was less enthusiastic than they expected.

The fact that it runs on WebOS 3.0 is arguably the most distinctive feature of the HP Touch Pad and the hardcore fans of this operating system have all the reasons to rejoice. Several improvements have been made to the previous model, to enhance the speed and reliability, but also to add some new features. HP is not going to give up on their OS any time soon and this tablet is a firm statement that they will continue to invest money and energy to improve it constantly.

Before you get the chance of learning more about the operating system and all its tweaks, you will be a bit surprised by the generous proportions of the HP Touch Pad. If you compare it with a brick, it’s a miracle of science, but next to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the iPad 2, it is thicker, bigger and heavier. The differences in both size and weight are visible with the naked eye and there is no obvious reason for this to happen, since they are all part of the same class of 9.7 inch displays. It is made of plastic, a quality one of course, but still plastic, so it’s a shame that HP didn’t succeed in making it a little lighter.

We could easily get past these slight inconveniences if the hardware would be better or at least as good as the competitors’, but sadly this is not the case. The HP Touch Pad is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU which doesn’t succeed to deliver the performance we’d expect from such a beast. The 1GHz of RAM are not enough to make the multitasking silky smooth and some games and applications will run slower than they do on iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The HP Touch Pad doesn’t have a rear facing camera which will give the critics yet another reason to complain, but the truth is cameras are overrated on tablets. It is uncomfortable to hold them in place while taking snapshots or videos, so it would be unfair to blame the Touch Pad for this omittance. What is unforgiveable is the fact that while it isn’t as good as the competition, this tablet is just as expensive, which makes you wonder why would the clients buy it.

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

RIP - Steve Jobs

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We at ibreakitdown would like to express our condolences on the death of Mr.Steve Jobs, one of the best CEO's in the technology industry. May his soul rest in peace


Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Beginner’s Fly Fishing Guide

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Fly fishing has been known to man since ancient days; historians say since 2nd century AD in Mesopotamia. However, with the passage of time it has gained immense popularity among the countless fishing buffs all over the world. Unlike the other angling methods, fly fishing is fishing with artificial flies; ribbons, hair, feathers, fur, strings and other synthetic and natural materials are used as a lure to catch fish.

Trout and salmon are the most common fly fishing fish species. Carp grayling, striped bass, pike, bass, redfish, snook etc are also among the favorites of anglers. For most anglers, fly fishing is more a challenge; hooking a fish with only artificial fly fishing lures. The important thing to be noted here is that practically any fish can be targeted to be lured by an artificial fly but it has to be imitated to look like as real as possible. One has to thus know about the different types of artificial flies used for this type of fishing.

Since fly fishing is a very different sort of fishing, it is but natural to use distinctive range of fishing tackle. This includes fly rods, fly reels, specialized fly lines, terminal tackle along with a wide variety of accessories like tools, gadgets maintenance apparels and many more. It is a little overwhelming for a beginner to keep a track of all the different things required in order to prepare for going on a fly fishing trip.

Fly fishing rods are longer than the other fishing rods- it is the most important tool for fly fishers. They come in different length, weight, and material. A hollow fiber glass rod is the best suited for a beginner as an alternative of bamboo rod which needs to stored carefully.  Fiber glass rods are easier to handle, lighter, far more agile, cheaper as well as low maintenance. One should only use strong and durable graphite fishing rods only after having gained enough confidence and know-how of how to fly fish.

How you cast your line is what distinguishes fly fishing from regular fishing. Since there are no live baits to rely on when you are fly fishing, nothing but sheer expertise is what you have to rely on with an artificial lure at the end of the line. To cast a line and the lure to mimic insects, floating and wriggling on water, at times dipping it in water and managing to entice a fish to bite requires expertise and loads of practice.  
A Line that is used for fly fishing is larger in diameter and thus is visible. There is a tippet attached to the fly line’s end, which fools the fish into thinking it is actually an insect. These lines are designed to float on the surface of the water while others are made to sink.

A fly fisher must also be familiar with the lures that are used in this case. Nowadays artificial fly fishing lures are made keeping in mind the exact prey of the fish and made accordingly. This makes it a lot convenient if not any easier.

However, in order to master this fascinating sport, one not only needs a technical know-how but at the same time practical experience. Seeking instructions from a proficient fishing guide is the best way to do so.  He will familiarize you with all that there is to know about fly fishing.    
By - Mariam

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

How Does Bluetooth Work (Simplified)

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Bluetooth is a term well-known to almost everyone nowadays, here we shall quickly inspect the basic working principle of Bluetooth communication.

The communication between humans and between electronic devices is more or less the same. While starting a conversation with anyone, we need to know what language we will be speaking in and also need to make sure that we speak in a grammatically correct manner so that it makes sense. Similarly, when two devices need to talk, they have to decide on how they will talk (through wires or without wires,etc.), what is going to be their data transmission specifications (size,speed,etc), and many such technical aspects on which both devices have to come to an agreement before communicating. Bluetooth is essentially an agreement of this sort, technically known as anetworking standard’.

When a bluetooth device wants to exchange any information with another Bluetooth device, it first tries to setup a connection and then forms a little personal area network with it (like making an introduction to a stranger and then making him/her your friend). Most of the Bluetooth communication process works automatically through software. The user is asked to add Bluetooth devices to ‘trusted devices’ list and enter a security code to ensure that viruses or spam are not received onto the device.

 Bluetooth communication takes place between the radio frequency bands 2.4Ghz and 2.48Ghz (approx.), which has been set aside by Internationally for such purposes (Think of the band as a super wide Bluetooth highway with hundreds of lanes). The Bluetooth devices select around 75 frequencies from this band and keep changing the frequency thousands of times every second together (a process called spectrum frequency hopping), (imagine a high traffic road that have groups of cars going in a synchronised manner) Since the frequency changes thousands of times in a second, even if any interference happens from another Bluetooth device, it will only last for few microseconds. Such little interferences are overcome through built-in features in the Bluetooth software. Thus data is transmitted from one Bluetooth device to another effortlessly. Bluetooth usually has range in a 30 foot radius and transfers data at speeds around 3mbps. Bluetooth is highly energy efficient and uses only around 1milliwatt of energy during a transmission. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

World Alzheimer's Day - For a disease that threatens everyone

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Today is World Alzheimer's Disease Day, and hence an appropriate time to spread awareness about this dreaded disease.Alzheimer's disease is a progressive degenerative type of dementia in which the patient suffers from memory loss, loss of cognitive abilities,language breakdown,etc. Alzheimer's disease is presently responsible for destroying the lives of around 20million people worldwide, and is expected to double it's toll of victims by 2020. And most of the contribution is from developing countries which do not have enough awareness about the disease.

The distinguishing factor and danger with Alzheimer's disease is that it is not an active disease like a cold or flu which readily shows distinct symptoms and hence is easily identifiable. The signs of Alzheimer's appear in a much more subtle manner in most cases. The first signs include mild forgetfulness, inability to learn new things easily, failure to relate simple concepts,etc. Such signs are mostly attributed to aging or stress and hence neglected by most people. But, if you find yourself repeating such instances often then it is worth consulting a doctor.

As the stages of Alzheimer's advance the symptoms start to include shrinking vocabulary, inability to perform simple tasks such as writing or reading,forgetting names,etc. The patient may feel embarrassed to openly admit to having difficulties with such basic tasks, either due to ignorance about the disease or due to thinking about how others would react.

As Alzheimer's disease gets a more firm grip over the person, he/she begins to lose control over short-term memory, looses cognitive abilities, and starts to almost have the mind of a baby. This stage of advanced Alzheimer's disease makes it necessary to keep the patient under continuous surveillance as they lose all sense of intelligence. The patients may start repeating the same narratives again and again due to not remembering whether they already said it or not. There are even cases of people walking out alone and then not remembering their address or name. They may not remember how to cross roads, swim or stay away from any other dangers.

Though rampant studies and tests are being done worldwide, a proper cure is yet to be found for Alzheimer's. But, the lack of cure doesn't mean there is nothing that we can do to slow it down or partially prevent the onset of the disease. Lets look at a few things we can do to help ourselves and our fellow human beings.


Observe carefully- An early diagnosis could give you an extra 8-10 years of normality. hence it is of utmost importance that you observe any unusual changes in your normal activities and not consider symptoms insignificant. The same advice also holds valid to help others. Observe your family members for any changes or inabilities in carrying out simple tasks. Though things may seem silly to you, it may be of great concern to a doctor. Hence, do not delay a medical consultation out of embarrassment.

Be Supportive- Alzheimer patients often don't mention their symptoms due to fear of mockery from others. Being supportive and understanding of little things,it can be of great help to encourage the patient to be frank. The more details a doctor gets about the condition, the better are the chances of reaching a proper diagnosis. And before you ridicule someone with Alzheimer's disease, always remember that you may also suffer the same fate some day.

Spread Awareness - Most often, people are not aware of diseases such as Alzheimer's even existing. Hence it is of utmost importance that we do whatever we can to spread knowledge and information about such fatal diseases. Knowing that ones symptoms match with those of a specific disease can speed-up the process of diagnosis and can save lives. The wide use of internet and social networking has made it easier to spread information and hence acts as an apt medium to spread awareness.

Though a cure for Alzheimer's disease is still not achieved, it does not mean that we cannot handle it or make the condition bearable. There are many factors which contribute to speeding up the disease and some habits which can maybe even keep the disease at bay. Lets look at a few simple changes in lifestyle that can make the disease manageable.


Eating Right - It is well known that a healthy diet plays a vital role in maintenance of health. A balanced diet is essential in keeping not just Alzheimer's disease but also other such degenerative diseases from occurring. The availability of nutrients and anti-oxidants can help the body to repair damaged cells and keep the organs functioning smoothly.

Physical Activity - A healthy lifestyle is incomplete without adequate amounts of physical activity. An idle organ becomes weak, and thus it is necessary to improve circulation and keep your body fit. A healthy mind stays in a healthy body, and a healthy body requires exercise. It doesn't mean that you have to strain yourself. An optimum brisk walk session or games like table tennis, badminton,etc are all enjoyable exercises which can help you relieve stress and keep your body fit.

Mental Activity - Since Alzheimer's disease is a brain degenerative disease, it is naturally relevant to give your brain enough strength through adequate activity. The neurons in the brain rely on frequency of usage to build and maintain memories. Hence it is of prime importance that we rejuvenate the brain cells as much as we can. Some simple yet effective methods include yoga, meditation (check the post on Sleep Meditation for details), sudoku, boardgames, crossword puzzles,juggling etc. Though they may seem like insignificant measures, these simple activities can be of substantial help in reinforcing your memories and cognitive abilities.

Social Interaction - Though there is no doubting the domination of social networking sites in today's world, it is often the good old face-to-face interaction which will help you. Having a weekly session to socially interact with family and friends can help in relieving stress and in ensuring that you keep your mind and memories active. The necessity to speak about old incidents and the need to speak spontaneously, greatly help to keep the brain at it's peak. It has also been found that people who have some sort of weekly social interaction tend to have a life expectancy of 7-10 years more than those who don't.

Please use this noble occasion of World Alzheimer's Disease Day to spread awareness and help your fellow beings to lead a happy life. Wishing you all good health and happiness.

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Sunday, 18 September 2011


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Conspiracy is the weapon of manipulation and has lead to many historical events.We continue with the series on conspiracies in the second part of the post BEST & WEIRDEST CREATIONS OF CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. ( Check out Part 1 at Best and Weirdest Creations Of Conspiracy Theorists )

Northwoods Operation
A conspiracy to create an anti-Cuban sentiment in the U.S and hence justify the invasions against Castro. This conspiracy is said to be more genuine than the others since it was once made public by President Kennedy. Conspiracy theorists have also linked this particular conspiracy to be the reason which lead to the assassination of President Kennedy. The Joint chief of staffs is said to have ordered to destroy Some American airliners and hijack a few of them. This has fueled the belief that the September 11 world trade center attack was a conspiracy,due to the similarity in execution.

MK-Ultra Experiments
A widespread use of mind-controlling chemicals on random subjects by the CIA is what this conspiracy claims. Such experiments are said to be the reason behind some mass suicides in places like Guyana. The CIA is said to have destroyed all files related to MK-Ultra and  hence the conspiracy theorists were left without enough evidence.

Pearl Harbor
Conspiracy theorists are of the opinion that the Pearl harbor attacks were deliberately allowed by the U.S. It is speculated that the U.S intentionally instigated Japan to attack them so that the effects of the war could be spread out and eventually they could make Hitler enter the mayhem. It is said that the U.S was forewarned about the attacks by all allies.

Hope you have enjoyed the look at some of the weirdest conspiracy theorist creations. Don't forget to share the post, and to always question the facts before you accept them. :-)