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Monday, 29 August 2011

How To Burn More Calories At Home

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Though these steps may seem too simple to be true, you will be surprised at how effective they are. The aim of any weight loss program is to increase the rate of burning calories... and here we present some simple tweaks to daily life that you can make to burn more calories at home. 

Stand and watch T.V…you will be surprised at how much time you spend a day watching T.V…make that time useful by standing and taking alternate steps forward and back on the spot…that will make you naturally increase your metabolism and burn calories at home while you enjoy your show…

Timing counts…have a routine for when you sleep, eat, work, etc….it doesn’t have to be a military style schedule, but having some regularity helps to maintain your body’s natural balance…hence burning more calories due to the efficient metabolism

Drink hot water...instead of your usual room temperature water, start drinking hot water throughout the day...ensure you have 2litres of water each day...this will increase the efficiency of digestion and also help to increase the continuous burning of calories throughout the day.

Take the stairs…if you are not in a hurry then definitely take the stairs instead of an elevator…make it an enjoyable habit, it will greatly help in increasing the average burning of calories…to increase the number of calories burning per day, make sure you take the stairs to go down as well.. though it may seem like less of a strain, from the perspective of burning calories, it really helps

Have a walk daily…you don't need to franticly brisk walk for hours till you are exhausted..a normal paced one hour walk can propel the burning of calories…according to convenience you can either have two half hour walks or a single one hour walk…the important thing is to maintain a higher level of activity to keep your average rate of calorie burning more than your normal rate.

Sleep sensibly – your natural sleep cycle greatly affects the way your body handles weight control and metabolism... so avoid any lazy naps in the day... maintain a healthy 6-7hr sleep at night....this will greatly help in your weight loss mission by letting your body burn calories in a systematic manner.

Hope you have a happy weight loss journey...All the best :-)