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Saturday, 27 August 2011

PHP Content Management Systems

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PHP Content Management Systems

There is a need for a proper understanding of the importance of PHP content management systems before venturing in the sphere of its applications and useful contributions. PHP is a scripting language for development of dynamic web pages – these are specially designed layouts where constant modifications and inputs are possible. The content of these pages are usually accessible both by the website editor or the internet user through their log in sessions when they may provide inputs as a registered user of the site. There are two types of such websites; one where clients or web users are allowed to provide their inputs; the other is where changes are incorporated by the servers of the companies themselves.

What is a PHP Content Management System?

There is a use of PHP language for all websites that have dynamic web pages. This is easily deployed or installed in different types of web servers and is useful across various operating systems and platforms. Therefore when there is a server side scripting of web pages for the purposes of inputs, modifications and creation of new content the process are easier and far more accessible.

There are several versions of the PHP content management systems that have been developed by companies to enable a suitable working environment for your company. With this platform you can very easily create and edit articles or other content of your website. It gives you access to delete those content which are old and unnecessary on the website. This is vital for websites that are related to news collaborations and need periodic updates by the hour or the minute through their server sides.

Available Open Source PHP Content Management Systems

There are open source software downloads available that can enable an easy access for a content management system for your company and official website.

Drupal – This is one of the largest resources available for a variety of websites – small or big. You can download this PHP system for free and appropriately use it for corporate websites, government websites to even small blog sites and personal sites.

Joomla – This is another PHP based CMS that is also one of the most effective for websites. It is useful in the structuring and management of different kinds of websites; there are other applications for online usage that initiates functionality and advanced features. There are free downloads available that can be tried and only makes this more popular.

Wordpress – This was popular mostly as a blogging CMS for websites in its initial usage. But with more and more customization options that was available it soon became popularly implemented across different websites.

Mambo – This is an award winner among CMS that are available for various types of websites. There are several options available in this that allows you to customize according to requirements. You will find this is a useful system for small personal sites or even websites of larger corporations that needs complicated applications for their operations.

The use of PHP content management systems bring forth better management of online content in addition to making it more accessible for professionals and web users alike.
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