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Monday, 15 August 2011


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The essence of meditation is to bring harmony to the functioning of the bodily organs and peace to the mind. This may seem to be a tough task but is in reality a simple one.

SLEEP MEDITATION has greatly helped me in staying calm and healthy without having to spend much time.

The benefits of sleep meditation include :-

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Ensures better functioning of memory 
  • Relaxation of vital organs
  • Cures Hypertension
  • Cures Insomnia
  • Balancing of hormones

Below i provide the simple guide to the sleep meditation routine that can be practiced even by busy professionals by sparing a few minutes of their time. As the name suggests, it can be practiced before an afternoon nap or before bedtime and hence i provide two separate versions of it :-

Before Naps

  • Choose a comfortable position and lie down
  • Now close your eyes and take 2 deep breaths
  • Then open your eyes and notice the first object that your eyes glance upon
  • Now continue deep breathing, and focus on the object which you saw first and run your eyes from any single point of the object and cover the whole area of the object, follow the edges and contours
  • Notice the color, the shape, the texture and other features of the object
  • If any related thoughts or memories come to mind then browse through them and return your focus back to the object and the position where you had lost focus.
  • Do not try hard to avoid getting related thoughts. It is a natural process, just try to bring your focus back to the object as soon as possible.
  • Repeat another round of focus around the object.
  • Now after you review the object in the same manner for a second time, close your eyes and imagine the same process in your mind
  • Now in your imagination,try and create another object of the same type beside the first one.

At Bedtime

For people who practice it at bedtime and/or in a fully dark room, close your eyes and do the whole process with your eyes closed, and imagine the last object that you saw that day. Repeat the process as stated above.

You are most likely to fall asleep between one of the above steps and that is just a natural response to your body and mind being relieved of stress. So enjoy the deep relaxed sleep.

This method utilizes two essential factors of meditation :-
  • The focus of attention on a single object or point
  • Detachment from memories and thoughts that are causing stress

Hence the mind is able to relax completely and you involuntarily relieve it from the day's stress. Also, this helps you to reach an increased stage of relaxation. Hence the body benefits from this proper sleep and performs it's maintenance efficiently. The essential mind-body connection helps to auto-balance the functions of the hormones. Thus an all-round increase in well-being is achieved with the least effort, and just a few minutes of your time.

Hope everyone enjoys the great benefits of sleep meditation as i have.
- Anonymous