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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Better Fuel Mileage In 2mins

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With the ever increasing price of petrol/diesel,every car owner is madly dreaming of a single magic solution to get the best out of their car. But until someone does come up with that solution, lets come back to reality. There is no one single thing that you can do to get more out of your car, but instead a group of simple steps that you can practice for it.

Drive sensibly - yup, this is definitely one of the most important and difficult options. Keep braking to a minimum (that doesn't mean you jump signals or go over pedestrians). Maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you and try to slow down by not accelerating rather than braking. Maintain your speed at a healthy average level, not too fast nor too slow.Also, it definitely helps when you are using the right gear at the right time. 
Avoid idling - idling makes use of precious fuel without giving you any benefit. Warm-up your vehicle by travelling in a slow speed for the first 2 minutes instead of ramming on the pedal hard for 20secs. And at signals, just switch of the engine at red and restart when it is green.
Get rid of all personal modifications in design. - they may look awesome, but they will also make you pay out awesomely on fuel. The car is originally designed to reduce friction from air as much as possible, but your modifications will increase it.
Use technology wisely - whenever possible, make use of cruise control and overdrive. Also in case of 4-wheel drives, use the vehicle in 2-wheel drive unless you really need the 4WD option for your driving condition.
Manual is better than automatic - Manual transmission vehicles have better fuel mileage.(but i know it isn't an option for us lazy people).  Try to go to the higher gear as soon as possible. Avoid gears in between while going to higher gears when it is possible, by sticking to the upper speed limit of the lower gears.
Manufacturer knows best, so follow their recommendations - each car is heavily tested and manufactured based on factors that are ideal according to the manufacturer, so keep it like that in the case of oil,coolant,lubricant,tire pressure,service time,etc.
Keep the engine alive - your engine is the heart of the car so make sure you maintain it well. Always make sure that your car has its fill of coolants, lubricants and oil.Clean and replace the fuel filters according to dealer recommended service centers. And use the most pure and high quality fuel available to reduce pollution.
Minimum weight gives maximum mileage- don't make your car's boot/trunk space a dump.

Hope you have a pleasant and fuel efficient time with your car..enjoy :-)