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Monday, 29 August 2011

How To Lose Weight Faster, Safer, Simpler

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Instead of being desperate and choosing unsafe artificial methods (read : “super costly”) to lose weight, here we provide a fast and natural guide to lose weight. (And the best part is that you don’t have to spend anything extra or experiment dangerously with any unknown substance.) I’ve broken down the guide into two posts, the first is about the influence of food in weight loss, and the second is some simple ways in which you can enhance the weight loss process.

Increase water intake – An effective loss of weight requires an efficient liquid for the body to get rid of the toxins and fat from your body, and the most natural one is of course water. Have a cup (200ml) of water ten minutes before having lunch and dinner. This will help to limit the amount of food you eat and will help in digestion. Make sure that you have minimum 2 litres of water daily (keep aside a 2litre bottle to track your daily intake).

Space it out – don’t stick to the traditional three meals a day routine.You can’t lose weight by simply restricting food or being selective, that will only harm your stomach. The key to losing weight and keeping it satisfied naturally is to give little portions of food more often. Hence you will automatically cut-down on the excess food that increases your weight. Also, the regulated metabolism will help you to lose weight faster.

Say NO to – white bread, foods with cream, fried foods, cheese, chocolates, ice-cream. The reason is quite simple, they are all big calories in small packets. Having less fat in big packets is the key to safely satisfying your craving for food, along with controlling your weight. Some simple tasty suggestions are – apples, salads,cucumbers, carrots, watermelon, crackers, low-fat cereals, roasted snacks, fat free biscuits,etc.

Say YES to – fruits and vegetables. I know you’ve heard it a million times, but that just proves how important they are. Along with helping you to lose weight safely, they give you essential vitamins and minerals, rejuvenate your organs and help you feel more active. Try to include a minimum of three fruits and 2 bowls of vegetables each day in your menu.

The Cone of eating – Have your fill of food during breakfast (make it 60% fruit ),then reduce the amount in each subsequent meal. Your body (especially digestion) is most active in the morning and slowly shuts down from noon. Hence, complement your eating according to your body’s working. This will help to lose weight by making the body prevent stacking up excess fat.

Switch the T.V Off – during your meals always make sure that you have switched off your television. This is one of the simplest tweaks, but one that is really effective to lose weight faster. Watching T.V while eating increases your food intake by around 15%, and all that excess food will soon turn into fat. (in other words – an end to your weight loss plans).

Now that we have a clearer idea about the right approach to eating, let’s see How To Burn More Calories At Home