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Monday, 15 August 2011

Interviews - 2mins To Be Fully Prepared

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The main reason a candidate fails an interview is the lack of comprehensive preparation. You have to succeed in exhibiting yourself as what the interviewer wants and not only as what you really are. Here are a few tips to help you be fully prepared for any situation in the interview room :-

Do your homework
I can't stress enough on how essential this element is towards your success in the interview. As soon as you see an advertisement about a job vacancy, analyse it thoroughly and make a note of the following -

  • The name and details of the company
  • What exact post is vacant
  • What qualifications the company requires

Now you have a clearer picture about your goals. Search the internet for details about the company :- their origin, their branches, their group companies, their partners and most importantly, their competitors. This will ensure that the interviewer feels like you already consider yourself to be a part of the organisation.

Compare the requirements for the vacant designation with the requirements given by other companies that advertise for similar posts. This will help you understand how well-equipped you are for the post and whether it is really suitable for you.

Along with checking the requirements for the post, you are also simultaneously analyzing the exact qualifications tat are needed for the job.This exercise will also indicate what core areas you have to refresh and be ready with.

Think out of the Box

Now that you are prepared and confident with the essential elements, lets try to be ready for those surprise jolts given by interviewers that leaves you tongue-tied. From the day you see the advertisement for the job, start going through the newspaper daily and scan for sensational events and those related to the sector of the company you are going to seek a job at.

Most candidates only brush-up on their technical skills and seem too nerdy for the job, so get the extra edge by appearing to have a broader spectrum of interest. Go through your resume/curriculum vitae carefully and verify your hobbies, interests and the certificates you have. If you have put a sport as your hobby then make sure you know the basics and have a favorite team in it.

If you are going in for a technical job that involves analysis and mathematics in any form, then refresh your logical and lateral thinking skills. Go through about 20-30 puzzles that involve simple logical or lateral thinking.

And if you still get a question that you don't seem to answer well, take a minute and think. If you still don't have the answer, just be honest with the interviewer, don't blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind and then regret it.

Take a few essential accessories with you in a suitable folder , like-blank sheets of paper, extra pen, extra copies of certificates and resume,etc. It shows that you didn't just wake up and walk into a wrong room. Choose the right attire for the job and maintain a professional look.

Hope these tips were useful to you...Do let me know your feedback here...
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- Zack, Australia, Freelance Writer